We believe and invest in people’s development

People Management

Our People Management team works aligned with Imetame’s mission: “contribute to people fulfill their dreams and make a better world”. Our focus is on the employees, their families and the community! We carry out the activities in a multidisciplinary way, positively contributing to personal, family and professional evolution.

All our programs and actions are based on the company’s culture and beliefs, always encouraging self-knowledge, awareness and awakening to the best in each one. We are constantly motivating people to be better every day!

We are people who like people!

The People Management team is present on all our service fronts to provide attention, love, respect and the necessary assistance. Get to know our actions:

  • Development of Leaders and Teams

    Development of Leaders and Teams

    We support the personal and professional development of leaders, supervisors and employees in general, through individual and group assistance, monitoring of activities and feedback.

  • Merit Program

    Merit Program

    Beyond a manufacturing, assembly and industrial maintenance company, we are a company that makes dreams come true! Through the Merit Program, Imetame Metalmecânica makes available to its teams 50% of the net profit: part in financial recognition and part in trips for employees and their families.

  • Self-Development Training

    Self-Development Training

    Imetame believes and continuously invests in the evolution of its employees, with training aimed at self-knowledge and personal growth. The company also provides to the employees’ families the opportunity to participate in training.

  • Social Care

    Social Care

    People are the essence of our company, for us the care and well-being of our employees and their families is important. We have a team that takes care of our employees and their families in health situations and also supports and guides the pregnant women.

  • Financial Awareness

    Financial Awareness

    We contribute to the employees and their families with monitoring and financial guidance for a better quality of life, with the main objective of supporting them to achieve their dreams.

  • Boiler making and Welding School

    Boiler making and Welding School

    We provide opportunities of professional training for people in the community and updating training for employees. The workshops “Ligeirinho”(Speedy) and “Se vira nos 15” (Do it in 15) teach, respectively, boiler making and welding techniques through theoretical and practical classes.

  • Moment of Gratitude

    Moment of Gratitude

    Every Monday and Friday, before starting activities, the company provides a moment of reflection and gratitude to God. The Moment helps employees to start the day with harmony, joy and unity.

  • Teen Apprentice Program

    Teen Apprentice Program

    We act differently with the Teen Apprentice Program. We direct part of the vacancies to teenagers in situations of social vulnerability and from low-income families. The goal is to provide these teenagers with the possibility of expanding their worldview, raising their self-esteem and entering the formal job market, contributing to the construction of a better future.

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