New Consciousness

Social Commitment

Social Commitment

The commitment to “contribute to a better world” has always been present throughout our history and is a fundamental part of Imetame’s good practices.

Nova Consciência Since 2004, with the creation of the New Consciousness Program, we have been present with the communities, developing actions that contribute to awareness, supporting people to move towards the fulfillment of their dreams.

Transforming realities. Discover our programs:

  • Cultivando uma Nova Consciência

    Cultivating a New Consciousness

    In this program, the vegetable garden is the transformation tool. Families receive all the materials and guidelines for growing vegetables, and we use this process to support families, making them aware of how to live in a new reality.

    The Program Cultivando uma Nova Consciência (“Cultivating a New Consciousness”) is also carried out in schools, with focus on environmental awareness and healthy eating, and at the Aracruz-ES Provisional Detention Center as a form of occupation and change of behavior.

  • Amor que Aquece

    Warming Love

    In the winter, we warm the hearts of thousands of children and the elderly with the distribution of sweatpants, pajamas, blankets and comforters. It is a moment of great emotion and joy for everyone involved. Our care, attention and love make the difference for these very special people!

  • Presenteando a Inocência

    Rewarding the Innocence

    Seeing a child’s smile is something that cheers our soul. It is very gratifying to be able to contribute with moments of joy, affection and attention to children from different communities in need. The distribution of toys and candies is pure fun!

  • Sowing Opportunities

    Sowing Opportunities

    For many years, we have been transforming notebooks distributed to employees and clients into school supplies for thousands of children, awakening and encouraging the importance of education. We believe that better human beings contribute to a better world!

  • My Dream

    My Dream

    Doing different makes the difference! Instead of having the end of year holiday gifts sent to clients, we make special families’ dreams come true, presenting them with furniture, appliances, construction material, among other wishes and needs. The program started in 2004 and makes all the difference in the lives of the people who participate. It always happens in the months of November and December, providing a different and joyful end of year for the benefited families.

  • Reuse to transform

    Reuse to transform

    We support families of communities in need to have an income option with the production of handmade soap. Our employees participate by bringing to the company the leftover oil used in their homes so the families can use in soap production. This way, we also contribute to raising awareness for protecting the environment.

  • Gratitude Action for Indigenous People

    Gratitude Action for Indigenous People

    Along with all the indigenous communities of Aracruz-ES, we celebrated the Indigenous People Resistance Day as a way of honoring and thanking the first inhabitants of our land. The action takes place annually in the Indian Villages during the week of April 19. It is a time of integration, joy and gratitude!

  • Flourish


    We sow and plant fruit and medicinal trees contributing to the livelihood and habitat of the fauna, rescuing the tradition of medicinal use of plants and recovering areas of riparian forests. We are committed to do our best to return what nature has done for us!

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